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Ernesto Tejedor 

Climate Scientist & Filmmaker


I am a physical geographer. I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) in May 2017. I currently work as a senior scientist at the National Museum of Natural Sciences, part of the Spanish National Research Council, thanks to the Atracción Talento César Nombela program (Comunidad de Madrid).


My research focuses on understanding past climate variability, particularly from the pre-industrial era, by combining high-resolution proxies and climate model simulations, such as tree-ring records and historical documents, with the creation of cutting-edge products and data assimilation techniques.

Finally, I am very lucky to be able to combine my two passions-science and filmmaking-which together with my commitment to outreach has led me to produce a long documentary on climate change and paleoclimatology (, and direct a short documentary on dendroclimatology ("The Secret of the Trees"), among other film projects.

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